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Keepo is an online private members club offering exclusive insider access to content, releases, tours and most importantly, Keeposake’s hand-picked by your favourite artists/celebrities.

A Keeposake is a rare, one-off, unique, or invaluable item, used by an artist, or of personal or sentimental value to the artist.

The platform offers an outlet for the most talented music creators to realise their potential to connect with, inspire and reward their fan base, borne out of social and ecological motivations to limit the waste generated from artist activities spanning shoots, tours, activations and sponsorships, brand partnerships, gifting, et al.

Join the club automatically by your first support ticket. Membership promises exclusive access to your favourite artists and guarantees eligibility to buy more tickets for all Keeposakes listed on the platform.

Ticket sales are unlimited. The more tickets purchased to support your artist, the greater the possibilities are of securing the Keeposake of your dreams. .

Each item listed is subject to a minimum support threshold. Once this has been achieved, the artist donates the item randomly to a fan that supported the campaign.

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