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  About the artist

Shygirl, the multidisciplinary artist and siren who has captured our gaze, emerges from the water with her debut album ‘Nypmh’. Simultaneously asserting her power and freedom and yet still longing for love, she delivers us harmonious verses and catchy hooks telling stories of relationships, sexual desires and romantic frustrations. Over lush production, Shygirl brings us on the journey of what intimacy is like for a woman who’s seen as ‘too hot to handle’, someone sought after and overlooked at the same time. Melodies intertwine with the sounds of bassline, garage, dancehall and hip hop as Shygirl jumps through a vast range of emotions and situations dealing with intimacy as well as self-love, introspection, and prowess.

Hailing from the UK, Shygirl is a championed new queen of cool, becoming known in pop electronic music for her sultry flows and nonchalant confidence with the club bangers from her ‘Cruel Practice’ EP (2018) and ‘Alias’ EP (2020). With her first full-length project ‘Nymph’, we get a glimpse into Shygirl’s more vulnerable side as she finds freedom in being revealed. In a house in Brighton on the UK’s South coast, Shygirl worked with her friends and previous collaborators Karma Kid, Mura Masa, Sega Bodega and Cosha to create the foundation of the album. Trips to LA that followed took the albums direction to its final form, with credits from producers such as BloodPop, Arca, Vegyn and Kingdom. Lead single ‘Firefly’ is a classically UK 2-step love song, offering up a glittering melancholy, full of lonely fantasies and lamentations about a one-sided crush floating atop a luxurious dance break.

Every piece of work or project is like a sculpture to me, something made of marble that slowly reveals itself as I chip away… Something that was always there to begin with.” – Shygirl